Summer Gigs

Today a “back to school” e-mail came-up in my feed.  No..

I will miss the “chillaxed” vibe of summer.  I will miss the quiet.  I will miss the road.

2014-07-13 10.40.22It’s been fun to load up the gear, drive to another state, meet new folks, pick up the guitars and play a few songs.  We played in an old cotton mill, on main street Greer, South Carolina.  In a small home that’s been converted to a church in Chattanooga.  Charles and Myrtle’s, where folks like David Olney and Sergio Webb have played.  We played there too!  And I have stickers on my guitar case.  

We are road warriors now!

As a band, we are getting tighter.  We still have times when one of us hits a bad note on the guitar. But we just keep going.  We keep working, dreaming, living and breathing music.  It’s a calling.

Some are called to spread the gospel.  I guess we were called to communicate humor, life, love, and loss with a few chord shapes on guitar strings.  We preach with strumming patterns, shaker eggs and voices that are not perfect but get the job done.  We don’t ask anybody to commit, walk the aisle, pledge their souls.  I guess you could say we just want you to take a bit of ours.  It’s a giving act to communicate by song.  The blessing for us is in the giving.   

So join us and listen sometime, if you can.  We know there is so much media swirling around in everybody’s heads all at once.  I know how hard it is to sit through a set of live music when somebody just shared a funny cat video on Facebook!  Cats are funny and cute, what the hell..

But maybe watching live music is a bit like summer.  A place where your mind can drift on notes and images for an hour or two.  A mere hour or two and you are in another State or “state.”  You can go on the road and ride shotgun on someone’s dime.  You don’t have to drive.  You only have to listen.


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